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Tauari is a raw material for light applications, such as doors, windows and shutters. But it can also be used in the structure as slats and secondary parts. It is also manufactured with Tauari baseboards, trimmings, cords and wainscoting.

Its application in furniture is for those of standard model, in the structure of the pieces and for the manufacture of the internal part. In functional utensils it is used for brooms, pencils, reels and bobbins. It is still raw material for toys, sporting goods, musical instruments, decorative pieces and packaging. As stated before, this wood accepts the cut well and has good workability, therefore, curved or curved pieces for decoration are manufactured from it.


LUMBER & EUCALYPTUS GRANDIS Lumber & Eucalyptus grandis Length measures for sale: 3 M> 4 M> 5 M Capacity: 20,800 m3 per month We meet all Standard Measures & Measures (Width x Thickness x Length)

Pinus Wood

Pinus Wood / S4S 1 M / 2 M / 3 M / 4 M ,Lumber & Pinus Length measurements for sale: 3 M> 4 M> 5 M> 6 M> 7 M Capacity: 900 m3 per month We meet all Standard Measures & Measures (Width x Thickness x Length)


EUCALYPTUS LOGS Eucalyptus Logs Eucalyptus Logs We meet all Standard Measures & Measures (Width x Thickness x Length)


The balsa wood (Ochroma pyramidale) is a type of light, resistant, fast-growing wood (reaching up to 30 meters), used mainly for making radio controlled model airplanes. Measures for sale: 50 x 50 x 1200 Capacity: 10,000m3 per month



Export Wood

Types of Brazilian wood: KD / AD # Lumbers: Pinus Taeda, Pinus Elliottii, Tauari, Cedro, Cedrinho, Eucalyptus, Roxinho, Itaúba, Cherry, Angelim-pedra, Tatajuba, Muiracatiara, Jequitibá, Garapeira, Amapá, Bracatinga / Amendola, Imbuia , cherry, curupixá, cumaru, guava, ipê, jatobá, bay leaf, marupá, massaranduba, yellow wood, ivory wood, pequi, sucupira, Balsa, teak


Wooden handles for # Coffee strainer # Curtain rod # Snow # Straw # Scouring pad # Squeegee # Garden Tools # Construction Tools # Painting Tools # And others by order

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