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Recent advances in genetic science are remarkable. In 2003 the first full human genome was sequenced after 13 years of work at a cost of over $3 billion. Today, the cost to sequence any individual’s entire genome is approaching $1,000. Genetic tests

for specific genes linked to cancer and other diseases exist today and many more are being developed.!

We hear of a new era of “personalized medicine” in which drugs and therapies will be prescribed based on the individual patient’s specific genes.?


A crossbreed between Angus and Nelore, the new cattle breed is growing. its herd has grown at least 80% in the past 10 years This growth in the Brangus breed can also be seen by the fact that Angus became the main breed of beef cattle used for artificial insemination in Brazil, prevailing in 14 states of the country, according the data provided by the Associação Brasileira de Inseminação Artificial (ASBIA). That explains why their semen is sometimes used in Nelore cows in order to ensure that the qualities provided by the fathers are improved in their offspring, using the best of each breed (heterosis). !

  • Use of Angus semen in Nelore cattle.
  • Brangus is a multimillion Market.
  • Genetic improvement of the breed.
  • Producers seek better-quality meats.
  • A breed made up from the intermixing of taurine bovines (Aberdeen Angus).


The Nellore breed is drastically different from other cattle breeds, such as Angus or Holstein. They have a high level of rusticity and resistance to endoparasites and ectoparasites. Originally descending from Ongole cattle (Bos indicus), the Nellore have prominent humps over their shoulders, and are well-adapted to tropical climates. Nellore Genotyping Allows Brazilian Beef Industry to Flourish

  • A solid genetic base and constant evolution, since 2000
  • Herd that identifies matrices with greater productive efficiency and bulls that produce good mothers.
  • Main racial characteristics. Nellore animals have a healthy and vigorous general condition.
  • The bone is light, robust and strong, with compact and well-distributed musculature. Masculinity and femininity are accentuated
  • adjective, masculine noun It is said of, or a breed of cattle originating in the province of Nellore (India).

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