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3-Sheep and Goat- breeds

Santa ines

At birth females weigh 3-9 lbs. Males are 0.5 lbs. heavier. Twins are 1 lb. lighter. Does can give birth to triplets as well. Kids walk within minutes of birth. They are weaned by 3-4 months of age.

White Black Goat

Their hooves are cloven. Domestic goats can have combinations of yellow, chocolate, or black coat colors. They are crowned with hollow-horns that arch backward. Some goats are polled, which means they are genetically hornless. Some have scimitar (corkscrew) horns. Both males and females have horns. Goats have short tails.

Goats red

Goats are chordates belonging to the Bovidae family along with gazelles, antelope, bison, cattle, and sheep. Unlike cattle and sheep, who are grazers, goats are selective browsers. Goat eyes have yellow or brown colored irises and rectangular pupils

Milk and Meat

Best milk production technology for Goats and Sheep. Plan the Sheep and Goats feed production methods Recommended Goats and Sheep herd size Strategies for maintenance of milk and meat quality Milk and meat output estimations


Caninde goats are from northeastern Brazil. They are predominantly black with light stripes on their face, chest, and lower legs

High Milk Productions

Sheep farming in Brazil is some of the most productive in the world, with carefully developed breeds of sheep that produce high quantities of milk.

Sheep Raised in Brazil

Domestic sheep are a multi-purpose livestock. Sheep are raised for fleece, meat, and milk. There are more than 200 breed



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