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Wheat is the second crop for Brazilian growers

New grower process to separate high grain quality from basic grain quality

Fresh Apple

Brazil exported 70,997 metric tons (MT) of apples, a 28-percent increase compared over the prior year. The top three export markets were: Bangladesh (29 percent), Russia (14 percent), and Ireland (13 percent).”

Beef Tallow

Today, Brazil is one of the world's four largest producers of these products.

Arabica Green coffee beans

One of every three cups of coffee consumed in the world is Brazilian.


Our company is increasing the export volumes of lemons year by year. “A few years ago, it has expanded its cultivation area of lemons looking for a bigger share of both domestic and international markets.”

Fresh Broccoli

Our Fresh Broccoli is widely acclaimed for its high nutrition content, which includes protein, fiber, calcium, vitamin C, etc. The broccoli has a great color and taste, due to which it is highly appreciated in the market.


According to the export, “boxed garlic is an exportable vegetable, and ranks second after wine in agricultural industry sector.”

pineapple potential

pineapple fruit as having the potential to generate good returns for producers on both the domestic and international market.

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