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2-Cattle Dairy- breeds


The Girolando takes its looks from the Holstein and the Gir, it can be black and white in colour but it can vary depending on the percentage of each in the cross. Their ears are large like Gir.


Originally a dual-purpose breed, used for both dairy and beef. Cattle; Bos primigenius. Holstein Friesian


Jersey Cows produce 200,000 glasses of milk on average (during their lifetime). With over 800 breeds of cattle, Jersey cows are the second largest breed! On average, A Jersey cow can produce around 140 servings of milk in one day. On average, a Jersey cow drinks 130 litres of water in one day.

Giro Cows

Gir cows can yield more than 12 liters of milk per day

Genetic Buffaloes

Genetic parameters for milk, fat and protein yields in Murrah buffaloes

Buffalo Milk

Just like cow’s milk, buffalo milk has a high nutritional value and is used to produce dairy products like butter, yogurt, cheese, and ice cream

Brown Siwiss

Brown Swiss cow will produce over 22,000 pounds of milk, or about 2,600 gallons of milk, during one lactation

Ayrshire dairy

The Ayrshire is a moderate butterfat breed. Top producing Ayrshires regularly exceed 20,000 pounds of milk in their lactations.

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