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1-Cattle Beef -breeds


Nelore is a breed of cattle originating in India. It has white fur and black fur which gives it an extraordinary tolerance to heat.


The Brahman breed (also known as Brahma) originated from Bos indicus cattle from India, the "sacred cattle of India".


Angus is a breed of cattle, intended for the production of superior quality meat.


In principle, the breed was divided into two lines, one for milk production and the other for meat production.

Raça Blonde D´Aquitaine

In modern times, the Blonde d'Aquitaine breed resulted from a fusion between the Garonne, Quercy and Blonde des Pyrénées races. The three became one!


Bonsmara is a functional, healthy and fertile breed. It is a viable alternative to Zebu cattle for increasing the efficiency of meat production in regions of the world that need adaptation to the hot climate.


The breed was formed in Florida by the cross between Brahman and Hereford. It is a docile breed, rustic, precocious, resistant and of high carcass yield.


Race formed by the crossing between Brahman and Aberdeen Angus. The cattle is an owl, with a small hump between the neck and the shoulders.

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